After the Baltimore Riots, Abraham Lincoln declared martial law in Maryland and sent Federal Troops to occupy the state. Thousands of “Pro South” Marylanders headed to Virginia to enlist in various units in the Confederate Army. Eventhough Maryland never seceded, some wanted to form their own unit as they felt it was necessary to have the state represented within the Army. The 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment started to form shortly after the War Between the States began in April of 1861. It was officially formed (mustered) on June 16, 1861. The regiment was made up of volunteers from Maryland who many served pre-war in Maryland State Militias. The regiment saw action at the First Manassas, Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson’s Valley Campaign, and in the Pennisular Campaign (Seven Days Battles). It was mustered out of service in August 1862, as the members initial 1 year service expired. Knowing that they were unable to return to Union-occupied Maryland,  some of the men re-enlisted in various Maryland Artillery or Cavalry units that were in service. Those men that were left went on to become the nucleus of a new Maryland Infantry unit being formed, the 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion (later re-named the 2nd Maryland Infantry).

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