James R. Herbert, born on 8/18/33, was from Howard County Maryland. He went to sea serving on a ship at the age of 13 yrs old to survive the cholera epidemic. He worked as a clerk in his Father’s store at the age of 16 yrs old and went to Hallowell College in Maryland. Herbert formed a Tobacco and Grain business in pre war years.  He was one of the founders of the Maryland Guard (53rd Maryland Militia) and served as a 2nd LT in Company A (The Independent Greys) of the 5srd Maryland Regiment under Captain Lyle Clarke. He left Maryland and headed South on 5/16/61 to join the Confederate Army in Virginia. Herbert enlisted at Harpers Ferry on 5/21/61 as 2nd Lt then promoted to Captain of Company D 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment.  Captain Herbert fought in every battle the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment participated in from 1861-1862.  Upon the 1 year term of enlistment of the 1st Maryland, the regiment was disbanded.  Herbert, along with other veterans of the 1st Maryland Regiment began to reform a new unit which was initially called the 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion.  It was later renamed the 2nd Maryland Infantry to not be confused with the early war service of the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment.  Herbert was initially Captain of Company C 2nd Maryland Infantry (1st MD Inf Batt) until he was voted as Major of Battalion on 10/22/62. He was again voted on by the members and promoted to Lt. Colonel of Battalion on 1/26/63. Lt. Col. Herbert was 2nd Maryland Infantry’s commander and was wounded in action at Gettysburg on 7/2/63.  He. was wounded in leg, right arm, and stomach leading the adance up Culp’s Hill. He was captured and sent to Letterman Hospital in Gettysburg post battle. Then Transfered to Baltimore and then Johnson’s Island POW camp.  After the war, Herbert was one of the men to re-establish the Maryland militia as the 5th Maryland Regiment.  The 5th Maryland Regiment was a pre war organization that ceased with the start of the war as many of it’s original members went to join the Confederate Army.  Now re-established post war, Herbert became a Colonel and commanded the 5th Maryland Regiment.  Many of the 5th Regiment were prewar Maryland Militia memebers that served in the Confederate Army. James R. Herbert was later promoted as Brigader General of the Maryland Guard. Gen. Herbert died on 8/5/84.

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