Maryland... the Confederacy... Francis Scott Key... and the Howard family connection. 

William Key Howard was cousin to all the Howards listed below. He served as Lieutenant in Company D 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment 

*note: Francis Scott Key was the man who wrote our National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" during the Battle of Baltimore. His legacy (descendants) played a role in Maryland's history as Confederates. Below are some of his descendants of the Howard Family (there were other Howards from this family that served in Confederate Army. These are just a few. 

-Francis Key Howard was grandson to Francis Scott Key. He was also editor of the pro Confederate Baltimore newspaper "The Daily Exchange". He was arrested by Lincolns orders during Martial Law in Maryland. No trial. His crime was simply being pro south and printing such sentiments in the paper. The paper shortly disappeared never to return after his arrest. 

-McHenry Howard was Francis Key Howard's brother. He served as officer in Co. H 1st Maryland. Then served on staff of Bradley Johnson. 

-James McHenry Howard was cousin to Francis key Howard. Served as officer in 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment then staff. 

-David Ridgely Howard was brother to James McHenry Howard and served as private in Company A 2nd Maryland Infantry. He lost his leg at Gettysburg in 1863. 

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